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Love * In * Full * Expression

I’ve always felt that the meaning of the word L*I*F*E
is contained within the word ‘life’ itself, as this acronym so
beautifully expresses.

(this came to me in a flash of inspiration
one evening while gazing at the wonder
of our Universe in a sky filled with stars)

Think about it. When we let go of our concerns, our fears,
our self-limiting beliefs, our walls and just connect
purely to ourselves, each other and to life – what’s left?…


And when we no longer wait for permission to
BE love and to live from that place and give it freely –
when we no longer wait till circumstances are just right
and ‘then we’ll let ourselves love’ but rather,
LOVE from the get-go, love despite whatever
may be coming back at you…

Then its from THAT place that we have the power
to transform others, transform our environment
and ultimately, to transform ourselves.

Take this approach with you whenever you stand
in front of groups, clients or when doing your social media videos.

LOVE whomever you’re talking to – not waiting to see
if they like you first or ‘if its alright’ (and this includes
even when looking into the lens of your webcam or flipvideo).

Take a stand and BE the love first and
watch what a difference it makes.

We create our reality from who we’re BE-ING –
not from figuring things out first, or from
manipulating facts and figures, or trying to get it right,
nor from a defensive place.

When you truly trust, let go and dare to stand
in the LOVE of who you are and emanate that
to all those around you – that’s when you’re FULLY alive
and that’s when life rushes back to you in full bloom.

I’ve transformed seemingly hopeless audiences
who were cranky, tired, dare I say, angry, even,
with them not wanting to be there – to having
them on fire, hopeful, excited and on their feet.

The seemingly impossible is possible when we
take a stand and hold that truth of who we are
while sharing all of ourselves.

I wish for you a L*I*F*E filled with love, with joy
for what each moment brings and with wonder
for the miracle of this gift of life we’ve all been blessed with.

Take a moment right now, literally just 5 minutes
(you know you can spare at least 5 minutes, right?)…

Take a step back from the crazy swirl… Breathe…

And just tune into your heart, tune into whatever is around you
– even if you’re feeling some challenges right now –
just be with it, let yourself face it, tune into it
without judgment.

And now, feel love embracing all of it. Infuse it with love,
infuse the view outside your window with love, infuse those
around you with love, imagine a gold light
beginning inside your heart and expanding and growing
and radiating outward to everything around you.

Feel that connection, tune into all that’s there and
do your best to continue moving forward the rest
of your day from THIS place.

I promise you, that even with the same circumstances,
same environment, same people – it will feel different,
it will be more vibrant and effortless and your moments
will flow, when we allow THIS to be the place we lead from.

Marianne Williamson said:

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves
to recognize how good things really are”

Today I wish for you JOY – for when we’re connecting
to that real core meaning of L*I*F*E, we are able to access our joy.

Here’s to your Love In Full Expression,


PS If this inspired you, please feel free to pass this along (pay it forward) and please take a moment to post here what has YOU feel alive – and also any thoughts on what’s been shared here. Hearing from you is treasured…


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