Notes From The Soul

About Lynn Rose and Notes From The Soul

Notes From The Soul is a forum for discovering and daily living in your aliveness.

Lynn Rose, the host of this blog, (see for more)
is an expert in awakening people to their unique brilliance and heart and amplifying
that expression so that every day they are living powerfully, free and alive.

Her trainings have been experienced and endorsed
by billion dollar CEO’s, world class speakers, celebrities,
top professionals and leaders in the personal growth industry.

She began as an internationally known singer, having sung
around the world opening for Sheryl Crow, Jay Leno,
Kenny Loggins and more – with a background that
includes Broadway, TV and Film.

She then became a highly sought after international speaker
having motivated hundreds of thousands of people
– not to mention having had her own syndicated radio show
on the Personal Achievement Radio network where she worked
with all the greats in that industry, reaching millions of listeners –
along with having hosted numerous TV shows.

Her expertise on both sides of being in front of people –
from performing to speaking – gave her a unique and
deeper perspective that translated into her creating
her highly celebrated GoalGetter and WOW Factor trainings.
THE GOALGETTER EXPERIENCE, a heart-centered goalgetting
system has you achieving your goals with focus, ease & fun.
(see for more info)

Her other training, “THE WOW FACTOR”, has helped
skyrocket people’s careers & lives out by their having
made quantum leaps in their mastery of speaking & presentations,
finding freedom & power in all their communication & expression
(she’s even trained some of the teachers from “The Secret”).

(see and for more info)

Lynn feels her highest honor is that of being an ambassador
for the foundation, “Healing Bridges”, where she made
a recent trip to Sudan to give hands-on aid to The Forgotten Refugees.

Her one woman show, new meaningful music CD and a book of her experience from
the deep, timely and inherent life lessons that came out of this journey will be being released soon.

Lynn will be sharing introspections, processes and understandings
that are intended to have us all tap into our deepest, authentic truth
and be led from the core of who we are to create joyous, deeply fulfilling lives.


2 Responses to "About Lynn Rose and Notes From The Soul"

Love the new blog Lynn, you’re such an inspiration and…It really is perfect…I look forward to reading your post

great job lynn…i also have a blog inside me waiting to come out…love the quote at the end as well.

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  • cliveswersky: In This Week on Alive with Clive, in my Words of Wisdom segment, I referred to this Blog post, which is one of the most beautiful and inspiring Blog p
  • AndrewJohnHeath: Power!!
  • Pam Beall: Thank you, Lynn, for taking time to share your thoughts. I love you dog, too, and I'm grateful for my American Eskimo who looks like she could be Cod


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