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I’m excited to share my new WOW Video Teaser with you!

(its FUN, check it out…):

I just yesterday used this as my intro for when I spoke to a big network marketing company – they LOVED it and it set up a powerful anticipation for my presentation.

YOU, too, can create intriguing and exciting videos like this as well –

Whether to use to promote on the internet, share who you are, as a memorable gift to a friend, you name it.

And when it comes to an intro for when you’re going to speak – this is IMPORTANT! – you ALWAYS want to come at it from the perspective of what your audience or group will be coming away with from what you’ll be sharing (far more than some endless droning on of past resume credentials).

PLUS, to have a VIDEO intro is FAR more compelling than someone reading your bio before you come on (especially when most people doing the introductions are not well trained in that regard and simply don’t do you justice).

And if you’re promoting an event or meeting – create one of these (which takes less than an hour’s time) will really call to people to check out what you’re up to.

THIS way, with video, creates excitement and anticipation and its so SIMPLE to create!


Just go to:

Choose a template and start entering your video clips, text,

images and whatever else you want to create YOUR video.

(you can have a F*REE account for 30 second videos – and to create videos longer than that there’s an ever so teeny charge for the year – its WORTH it, though!)

Hope that helps and please give me your feedback, I welcome it!

Also – please send me or post what YOU create as well as I’d love to see

what you come up with…

To your Fearless, Authentic Success!!



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