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Hi my friends and colleagues,

I created this video that’s an excerpt from a longer more
in-depth piece I did for the BraveHeart TV community.

Thought I’d take the summary and pass them on to you to use
as a quick reminder to give yourself on how you can go out there
and WOW ’em with who you are and make powerful impact
when you speak, present, meet with a client or are in the media
(this works in any interaction, actually!)

Absorb and enjoy!:

In this short video I’m sharing what I like to call:
“The 5 Secrets to Powerful Speaking”

(This brief clip was excerpted as the summary from
a longer, more in-depth piece done for BraveHeartTV
and their Core Inner Circle. Its a wonderful community –
you’re welcome to check them out – for more info on THEM go here: )

and if you’d like info on my personalized Hands-on, Speaking Training,
called, The WOW Factor …you know where to go:

Here they are in outline – and do watch the video for the more laid out
explanation within the summary (it’s a laser few minutes):


2. LEAD FROM YOUR CONNECTION – and let everything else follow/flow from there


4. SMILE WHEN YOU TALK (thank you Andy Andrews for that confirmation)


The video link once again is:

PLEASE share this if you like it –
I appreciate the spreading of the word 🙂

And I LOVE hearing your thoughts. Feel free to comment and
give your feedback, share your thoughts and even expand
on these ideas.

With love,


Lynn Rose

Empower * Entertain * Enliven

* Powerfully impacting people’s lives by
connecting them to their hearts & inspiring them
to their fullest self-expression *

WOW Factor Trainings
“Helping entrepreneurs, speakers
and professionals speak from a REAL and dynamic place,
giving them power and freedom to
WOW their audiences/clients/media every time”


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